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Rock Slide G27 Gen 3/4 Upper

(25 customer reviews)



None Burnt Bronze +$19.99 ODG +$19.99 FDE +$19.99 Tungsten +$19.99 Black +$19.99
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Rock Slide USA Pistol Stripped Upper 40 Cal Compatible With GEN-4 Glock 26/27/33 Lowers. Also works with aftermarket lowers. Optional RMR or Vortex Cut also Comes with screws and Allen tool. Takes standard Glock 27 parts and barrels. No license required. Ships anywhere in the USA. Lifetime Warranty.

RS1.        The RS1 is our standard model, It has our standard trademark angled sides but no cuts to catch on clothing. These are popular with police officers, security guards, and EDC customers.

RS2.        The RS2 model has aggressive vent cuts in the front half of the slide. These cuts shed weight, aid in barrel cooling, and gives the option to use ported barrels. These are popular with target and competition shooters.

RMR and Vortex options.         The slides labeled RMR or Vortex are cut to accept a specific reflex optic. Select the cut that matches the optic of your choice.

Additional information

Slide Color

Black, FDE, ODG, Burnt Bronze, Tungsten, Pink, Unfinished

Slide Type

RS1 (Without Vents), RS1-Venom (Without Vents), RS1-Viper (Without Vents), RS1-RMR (Without Vents), RS1-RMR-Reversed (Without Vents), RS2 (With Vents), RS2-RMR (With Vents), RS2-Venom (With Vents), RS2-Viper (With Vents), RS2-RMR-Reversed (With Vents), Machine Ready

25 reviews for Rock Slide G27 Gen 3/4 Upper

  1. Bruce Hackett jr (verified owner)

    You can still see some machining lines but the fit is perfect for the money this product is worth the buy

  2. Beau (verified owner)

    Thanks so much I love it .. slide wasn’t the perfect fit/mate with my p80 lower but after some adjusting it is one mean looking beast . Mini beast lol . Thanks guys I love it

    Image #1 from Beau
    Image #2 from Beau
  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The only thing that was not good is that the slide and barrel is too tight where it’s hard to chamber. It does cycle on its own afterwards.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  4. David Ward (verified owner)

    Impressive quality and affordability of slide, parts and barrels- a cute 27 for the girlfriend.

    Image #1 from David Ward
  5. lance rhoades (verified owner)

    Nice products but had a little issue with shipping. It won’t descurage me from ordering more parts.

  6. steven (verified owner)

    Nice slide, took three weeks to receive after being sent wrong product. Even then barrel is suppose to be a 27 not a 23 chopped down without polishing crown. Little disappointed.

  7. Alan Roberts (verified owner)

    well it took awhile to finish my building of a glock27 with a 80% kit. I looked on the web and looked for the best deal trying to keep cost low. new glock slides were running 450 dollars, some used slides were 400 plus. I just got done building a g22 and 23 and parts ran 300 to 340 dollars for complete slide and barrels no extras, so when I started looking for parts to build the g27 I was shocked how so much more the slides and barrels were.i called rock slides USA about availability and they couldn’t give me exact time but they said soon. a few weeks went by and I went back to there web site and they had my parts in stock.i was just going to buy a slide and barrels but there prices were so good I bought a complete slide( slide and parts kit, sites, and barrel), barrel, three mags and mags loader, factory Glock case, cleaning tools and lock. all this 404 dollars plus I think it looks good. rockslides products are well made and work really good. iam very pleased at the quality of your product and will buy more in the future.the order got to me real quick, I was impressed. I hope to give more reviews in the future I have a g22 and g23 and want to customize them soon. great product and service i will highly recommend your product and company. and they are made in the USA. THANKS

    Image #1 from Alan Roberts
  8. Tim (verified owner)

    Really stands out from the rest! ?

  9. David D. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Looks amazing in tungsten. And with the long SS barrel… ?

  10. Oscar H (verified owner)

    Couldn’t believe how fast the shipping/delivery was! A great product.

  11. Marc (verified owner)

    Great product and very aggressive look. “Let’sRock!”

  12. James D. (verified owner)

    Soli tight fit. Ordered with upper parts kit, and it was all installed, even sights. Not expected, but nice surprise.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome Rock Slide G27 ! Must have product !

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I ordered the G27 Slide because I like the ability to use multiple calibers. My .40 S&W to .9mm conversion barrel fits well with the new slide, along with a .40 S&W barrel. I have not had the opportunity to shoot the new upper yet, but it looks amazing. Its the Tungsten colored slide with RMR cut and suppressor sights.
    The order came fast. My only aversion is the fact that the screws were not correct for the RMR/Holosun. I went the store and got 4-40 3/8 length flathead screws and filed them down to fit properly. The G26/27 slides have posts that the RMR goes over the top of, so just be ready to do a little fitting with your screws depending on the optic and cut if you have one.
    200+ dry fire shots and the slide, sights and optic are on and rocking it. The true test will be when I hit the range. Stay safe everyone

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
  15. Tyler (verified owner)

    Looks really good. Excited to try it. It was a tight fit but seems to work well. Would love for Rockslide to send me some for free to really try it. Sadly the vent cuts were sold out when I ordered mine but it shipped fast.

    Image #1 from Tyler
    Image #2 from Tyler
  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. bruce (verified owner)

    good slide worth the money

  18. Marion Harris (verified owner)

  19. Juan H. (verified owner)

    Love the way it came out.

  20. Ernesto (verified owner)

    Exceeded my expectations and arrived quickly. Highly reccomended

  21. Donna (verified owner)

    Amazing this is my new go to for builds I’m a big fan of the taper in the front it is still very fresh to me but I will give a more articulate review when I get more into it, I only bought the most economical (black finish no cuts/rmr) playing it safe on a product new to me, though I would like to state your company had superb reviews which is what brought me in this direction to begin with as all of us in the Glock world know we buy little 4 dollar parts here and there and when a company advertises a whole oem parts kit but you know oem firing pins are certainly not billet with red annodized looking coating anyways just look online at reviews of who whatever your buying from it’s very frustrating when a whole project is held up by say a missing subcompact slide stop spring which is proprietary to polymer 80 sub frames good thing a stock safety plunger works well because that company will leave you high and dry and also debate with your intelligence on weather you even rwally know what you what you don’t have, or say you want to SAVE TIME so you order a complete lower parts kit so as not to have to go to Brownells individualy selecting each lower part then outsource the parts they do not have in stock but just an example certain p80 building sites will send you 3 extra steel trigger housing pins but no mag release button or trigger pin or say arky whatever aside from not giving you oem parts as advertised say they just don’t send you sights you ordered but charged you anyways but ignore any emails regarding any of the matters, well shute I’m sorry about punctuation folks but as a retired widdow I spend a lot of time with my fun projects and as much as I spend I’m sure I could raise some heck on a few of these bozo’s but it’s easier to just spend money and wait for my gunsmith or reorder whatever the airheads missed in my order I feel it’s absolutely obsurd to have to debate with a company weather they have or have not sent you something, all that said I could have Written and complained to the companys that have not put effort doing right by me (5 or 1500$) but I would rather put effort into one of the few that stood out to me for many reasons I was drawn to the reviews of their customer service as that is the biggest just in case for me when shopping not face to face luckily I am over the moon with the product and have no reason to bother anyone 900 rounds day I oiled my rails just a tad nothing to the slide no failures/hickups whatsoever rock slide has a confdent hapilly returning customer!

  22. Eddie (verified owner)

    i love this product. you have to break it in once you get it though so dont be disappointed. its a good product. just keep racking the slide when you get it because itll be tight as hell.

    Image #1 from Eddie
  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Item functions really well. Will buy a couple more in the future.

  24. John B. (verified owner)

    This is my 5th RSU slide and they all are fantastic. What you get for the money is well worth it, and your customer service is top notch. Would love to see more designs in the future.

    Image #1 from John B.
  25. kennjsofresh (verified owner)

    Completely missing lower parts kit. Hopefully they get my email send the rest. Other than that, really great quality

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